QA Bullshit Bingo

QA Bullshit Bingo

Lately I read an internal article about the setup of QA in a very large environment. This environment had some mature agile practices, based on a long history of v-model shaped projects. The article was about how one could even improve some specific aspects of the setup. It probably was great, but I must admit, it took me long to read and understand – as I had to look up a few of the words. My first feeling was, that there are quite a few buzzwords in there and the art was to use them correctly… it felt like a basis for a great QA bullshit bingo. And here is your playing card:

qa bullshitbingo playing card

There are some fields left open to be added by the player… any suggestions?

While some of the words are maybe not that new anymore, many are very new. Some of them are more related to architectural questions, some are more test related, but with an overall quality approach I assume both is relevant.

So test yourself: do you know all the words and can explain them? Even to your manager?

I think we should play this at some point in time at one of our meetups, with someone explaining the quality approach of his company in 3 minutes, and the others ticking off the words… and those words not covered we should try to explain eventually. Anybody interested in supplying more QA bingo cards?



  1. Hanne Papke

    A really nice sample of buzzwords. What about filling “Exploratory Testing” in one of the empty fields. And there is a very old one, still used frequently, especially in discussions with the management: “Test Coverage”. Given five stakeholders in a project, you will get at least seven definitions of Test Coverage!
    I would love to play that game, will be great fun.

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