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Within this blog I will use a couple of photos I have taken myself, in my garden, in vacation, …. They are most likely not at all related to the topics of the blog, but only meant to make the articles look nicer ;-). I might also draw pictures to ease understanding of my writing. All of these pictures and also, whatever original thougths I publish, I see as copyrighted under the rules of the creative commons licences, using the level that it is ok to use my material as long as you quote my name and publish under the same rules.

Before I forget: in case you comment any of my articles, I will collect your personal data: email and ip adress probably as well. Don’t comment if you don’t want that.

Strato collects log files and describes, what they do with it. They set session cookies. Those do not taste as well as my christmas cookies, but they do not harm either.

Also Akismet will check, if your comment is spam. What they do with the data is described well on their own homepage.

In case you absolutely need to know, what had been done with your data you can request them.

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