Always Stay a Fresh Cucumber

Always Stay a Fresh Cucumber

Caution. We talk quality. And have fun. And learn. We are testers.

If you ever wanted to feel great and talk about your testing passion without anybody rolling their eyes, come to the Hamburg QS Barcamp. The last one took place on September 1st 2018 at oose Innovative Informatik together with the Software Test User Group Hamburg (StugHH).

And it is worth coming! What sounds kind of normal, was not at all: starting with the keynote on Friday Evening with Beren van Daele – “Cards against Shallow Testing” we all got inspired to never stop learning and continue looking for new ideas on how to improve. And always work together! After learning Prescott’s pickle principle: “cucumbers get more pickled than brine gets cucumbered” we all knew: it is great to stay a fresh cucumber!

Then the already traditional barbecue started… it felt like a class reunion without homecoming queen – just many people talking about quality, listening to great music, no big fuzz but great.

Next day after breakfast we had the real barcamp. After the great opening by Stefan Roth the market place filled quickly with many topics and all the people split up in groups…

My choice was somewhat random, as I just could not make up my mind. As last year  I wish I had Hermione Granger’s time turner. To mention a few completely different ones:

Help Needed! LfG Anonymize Test Data

Looking for group for input on test data anonymization – I liked the idea of a “help needed session”. Last year I got a great start with SAP testing on such a session, so this time I went here to see if I could contribute. Two of the results we had was that testing in context of social data event requires more caution than #DSGO laws, and the real issues in anonymization starts if you have to anonymize two independent systems where it is important to see the dependency beyond IDs. Just in case someone has a great answer here: you are welcome to give a talk at our StugHH Meetups!

What to Expect from Testing Blockchain Applications

This group learned from a nice presentation by @osxjogi about the specialties in blockchain testing. There are none. As long as you have tested distributed systems before. And as long as you use an existing distributed ledger technology. But this is where the fun starts – these technologies are still kind of new, and you might end up in the position that you can help improving that product, too…

Risk Storming

Beren gave us the chance to learn to use the cards in order to create a risk based test strategy! Old testers like me always did risk based test strategy development. But this was definitely more fun.


At the end of the day we really have been exhausted, but we are sure: there will be a QScamp19 on 6th and 7th of September 2019! If you want to know more about all the great impressions on the QScamp2018 just look on twitter for #qscamp2018. Also there soon will be some foto impressions on the Hamburg QS Barcamp page.

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